Thursday, February 5, 2009

The unpleasantness of having development site approved in the neighborhood something public officials can't imagine

Please click on images to ENLARGE view of Rogue caterer and his truck providing food to laborers on South Duncan Avenue and only partially blocking residential driveway. In past months, he has completely blocked the driveway. But the sad part is that he has repeatedly called the Fayetteville police to tell a woman operating a smaller catering truck at the same intersection that it is illegal to operate in a residential neighborhood. She had gotten permission from the neighbors and property owners to park to feed workers at that spot but the rogue competitor got her chased away. So far, no one has called police about this guy. The neighbors want to see the more than 100 workers get food delivered so that they don't have to drive out for lunch, but fairness would dictate that equal opportunity be allowed.


Anonymous said...

OMG! A person trying to earn a living- oh the humanity!!

Fayetteville needs to learn that capitalism is our only hope. Please leave small business alone!

(the part about this guy calling about the women is hearsay- and should be treated as such)

Anonymous said...

So you are saying that YOU called to turn her in?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jonah...err Don Marr did- he loves to wave his poisoned keyboard in secret- can you imagine what he'll do if alderman disagree with the Wizard of Oz???

We have elected a dunce because of a fake blogger named Jonah...err Don Marr-

The Joke is on us- Hey Don Marr- I know you read this- are you evil or just really needed a job???