Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My takes recorded Monday to show next Monday through Friday on Fayetteville, Arkansas, public-access television

Person who wants to remain anonymous contributes important message to share with people in Little Rock

Dear Little Rock friends and folk who might forward this info on to Little Rock friends of their own----

Your   water quality is being put in jeopardy by this decision of the Central Arkansas Water Commission,  and you need to do something about it.  EVERY one of you, IF, of course, you have any interest at all in what you put in your mouth and body.   


These links should be forwarded to everyone you know  that drinks water in Little Rock.  

This "political compromise"  by the Central Arkansas Water Commission is clearly one of the most stupid decisions possible in regard to water protection.    If enough people call, write, and/or show up at the final decision making meeting(s), your right to clean water might have a better chance.  The problem in not taking this personally and not acting on this issue is that no one knows what is "enough," when it comes to influencing the outcome of a vote by a governmental body, therefore everyone needs to voice  their opinions.   OR just show up and clap or give a hurrah when someone speaks for the watershed's protection.  Don't take this "political compromise" of your health lying down.

Below are a couple of links to a great site about New York City's watershed.  It is protected by forests, not eroding sediment into the water supply from subdivisions and roads, and it serves millions of people with relatively clean water. The water is tested constantly, and their watershed is understood as a filter and purifier, the total opposite of what the lame brains in central Ark are doing. 

"The success of the program is one of the main reasons why New York City remains one of only five large cities in the United States that is not required to filter its drinking water."

Should you want anything less for your body, your city, and your state than what New York provides its citizens?
Get out there and fight these people, for heavens' sake!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pony rides a part of Fayetteville's Lights of the Ozarks

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To view more photos from Saturday, November 19, 2011, at the Fayetteville Farmer's market on the square, please use this link. New photos appear at the bottom of the Fayetteville square set after one goes to the bottom and clicks on the latest page number.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Report from Truthout on last night's events in New York

Last night, I watched lower Manhattan turn into a militarized lockdown. The park known as Liberty Square was apparently cleared by force, though I arrived 20 minutes after the police barricades encircled a two-block radius, kicked out all media and prevented all foot traffic on public sidewalks surrounding the park.
This was expected. The emergency text message went out at 1:00 AM and read, "URGENT: Hundreds of police mobilizing around Zuccotti. Eviction in progress!" prompting a mass mobilization of people like me, part-time protesters who signed up to converge on the park for the looming police raid on the physical heart of the Occupy movement.
The police were prepared for this flood of bodies. Many subway stops were shut down, as was the Brooklyn Bridge. My go bag had been packed for weeks, waiting for just this moment. I laced up my boots, and spent an agonizing 20 minutes on the subway from Brooklyn.
Upon arrival in lower Manhattan, I struggled for about two hours to get to a position where I could see into the park, to no avail. From a block away, I saw massive piles of what used to be supplies dumped into waiting trucks. People's major concerns were two-fold: first, the health and safety of the occupiers locked in the camp; and second, the 5,000 books of the Occupy Wall Street library. What a picture it would be (maybe it exists) of police in riot gear gathering boxes of donated books and loading them into garbage trucks. A perfect metaphor for what appears to be the intention of last night's raid: destroying the body of knowledge that had been collected by a movement just two months old, which was built by collective effort, literally from the ground up.
After four hours of wandering in groups and alone on the dark, empty streets of lower Manhattan, Foley Square, a park rich with the history of labor struggles in New York City, became the rallying point. After a short discussion with the handful of police on hand, Foley Square was determined to be a safe zone - for the time being.
Here I sit, watching the pulse of the Occupy Wall Street movement strengthen. Stories of arrests are being exchanged over a breakfast of apples and muffins. A sleepless crowd is beginning to be reinforced by New Yorkers from around the city as the morning news streams images of a camp turned back into a barren, soulless corporate park known as Zuccotti. But the drums are back. The spirit and the idea of the Occupy movement has only been strengthened. Today is the end of the beginning, and what has been built cannot be disbanded. Now, we stand at the beginning of the next phase, looking into the eyes of the people who created a new consciousness and a new politics.
Today is November 15, 2011, a beautiful day tainted only by the physical harm of those who left their blood and sweat on the cement of Liberty Park.
Please support Truthout as we cover this revolutionary history in the making. We're skating on the edge and we need you there with us. Can you make a donation so we can continue this vital coverage?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Overall winner of Veterans' 5 K was far ahead of the pack: Link to final results and numerous photos have been added to this post

Please click on images to Enlarge. More photos from the event are being uploaded on Aubunique Flickr site.  Took all afternoon. 2011 5K photos near bottom of  set on final page of that set.
Complete official results added.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fayetteville: The Superstar among the shining stars of Arkansas

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After receiving successive Shine Awards, Fayetteville received the first Superstar Award

After accepting the award for the city, Mayor Lioneld Jordan stands with a few of the many stalwart supporters of keeping Fayetteville the leader in Arkansas environmental action

Monday, November 7, 2011

Election today (Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011) important to future of Arkansas and adds no new tax

dayGovernor Beebe has called a special election for this Tuesday, November 8, giving Arkansans an opportunity to modernize our Interstates, support jobs, and improve economic development — all without raising taxes.

The Interstate Rehabilitation Program will continue the successful 1999 Interstate rebuilding program by authorizing the Arkansas Highway Commission to re-issue bonds for Interstate maintenance. The bonds will be paid by future federal funds and the existing 4¢ diesel tax approved by voters in 1999. No new taxes and no increase in existing taxes will be necessary to rebuild over 400 miles of Arkansas Interstates.

Join with Governor Beebe and support the 2011 Interstate Rehabilitation Program this Tuesday, November 8. By voting FOR the bond issue, we can make Arkansas Interstates smoother, safer, soo

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Arctic Inuit and Climate Change lecture by Carlos Velazquez from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011, at Fayetteville Public Library brought to you by Omni Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology's Climate Change Task Force and the Ozark Highlands Chapter of the Sierra Club

Please click on image to ENLARGE.
More more photos from the event, please go to Flickr: Conservation Groups and People and scroll near the bottom of the set for this new event.

Video below also available on You Tube direct link at Aubunique channel

Ozark Headwaters Group Sierra Club and the OMNI Climate Change Task Force will host Mr. Carlos Velazquez, a renowned environmental educator. 
Mr. Velazquez will share with our community from his unique experiences living with the Arctic Inuit People. 
On Thursday, November 3rd from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Walker Room at the Fayetteville Public Library. 
Carlos Velazquez has lived among the Inuit people to gain deep understanding of how climate change has severely, altered their way of life. 
He will present: "The Arctic Inuit: A Harbinger." 
This event is free and all are encouraged to attend. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fayetteville Council of Neighborhoods elects officers in October: Video embedded below

Whooping Cranes need your HELP now

Whooping Cranes

Help Save Whooping Cranes

Help stop a dirty tar sands oil pipeline from being built through crucial habitat for endangered whooping cranes.


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