Friday, June 29, 2012

Action item: Monsanto controlling American agriculture: Tell Congress to say NO to Monsanto

Once again, Monsanto and the biotech industry are scheming behind closed doors to force their untested products onto the American public. Earlier this week, Congress was scheduled to vote on a provision in the 2013 House Appropriations Bill that would make it illegal for a federal judge to halt the sale and planting of genetically engineered crops during a legal review of their approval. That vote is now scheduled to take place after the Fourth of July.
It's up to us to stop this bill in its tracks; we can only do this with your help. Can you take one minute today to help stop the Monsanto Protection Act?
If this dangerous rider becomes law, it will take away any legal recourse for courts to halt Monsanto and other biotech companies' untested GMO crops from being planted even while the federal government assesses their potential risks.
It's time that our elected officials in Congress start standing up for our rights and those of family farmers and not the biotech monopolies that seek to undermine our democracy.
Please take a moment to sign and then spread the word! Thanks for participating in food democracy,
Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! Team

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fayetteville Council of Neighborhoods supports creation of Town and Gown committee by City Council

May meeting of Council of Neighborhoods
June 28, 2012, meeting of Fayetteville Council of Neighborhoods about to begin

Health-care law upheld 5-4 by U.S. Supreme Court

Health care in 2012 should be the same as any public utility. Upholding the current but not yet fully implemented law is a way to get more people insured. However, the problems won't all be solved until everyone is covered by a single-provider plan. The potential for increased profiteering by insurance companies still exists.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Joyce Hale named Dragon Slayer, but you knew that!

National Sierra Club newsletter congratulates Joyce Hale of Fayetteville for earning the Brownie Ledbetter 'Dragon-slayer award.'

Kudos to Arkansas Chapter volunteer leader Joyce Hale, who on June 23 received the Brownie Ledbetter Dragon Slayer Awardfrom the Arkansas Citizens First Congress and the Arkansas Public Policy Institute. Hale has championed a range of issues including clean water and fair elections with the Sierra Club, the League of Women Voters, and other groups. Says the Arkansas Public Policy Panel: ["Joyce] was one of the first, and most forceful, in the state to raise concerns about the impacts of natural gas fracking on water quality and landowners."
Quick blog search turns up a few of Joyce Hale's efforts in recent years to refresh your memory:

Fireworks terrify pets, start wildflires and irritate almost everyone

Please click on image to ENLARGE

County and city fire marshals, County judges, Quorum Court members, mayors and city council members: Contact them all to prevent the use of fire works in northwest Arkansas during one of the longest-running droughts in NWA history.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ban the pesticide that's killing bees!

Subject: Tell the EPA: Ban the pesticide that's killing bees!
In the next week, the EPA is expected to issue a decision on the pesticide Clothianidin -- which scientists believe is a major factor in the alarming decline in U.S honey bee populations, known as Colony Collapse Disorder. 

Since 2006, one third of U.S honey bee populations have been dying off. One third. Every year. That's a terrible rate of species destruction on its own, but it's also a serious threat to our food supply. Honey bees play a crucial role by pollinating 71 of the 100 most common crops, which account for 90% of the world's food supply.

The EPA will be issuing a decision soon. If the agency doesn't act, it won't review Clothianidin again until 2018 -- and by then it could be too late for the bees. 

I just signed a petition to the EPA, and I thought you would want to add your name, too. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Slaid Cleaves has the honor of being the final singer to perform in Mike Shirkey's current Good Folk Productions venue on North Block Avenue after 22 years of wonderful shows there

Slaid Cleaves' Web site

GoodFolk Productions, Inc
GoodFolk Productions | 229 N. Block St. Fayetteville, AR
GoodFolk Productions, Inc
Welcome to GoodFolk Productions, Inc.

GoodFolk started in 1990 when Mike Shirkey began hosting concerts in this old house. Local, national and international musicians have graced this small stage.

Although far from fancy, it has an intimate atmosphere where folks come to listen and also visit with the musicians.

Mike is creator and host of "The Pickin' Post," a two hour radio program which features folk, bluegrass, blues, singer/songwriters, interviews and concerts. "The Pickin' Post," now in it's 28th year, can be heard on KUAF 91.3 fm., Saturday from 7 - 9 p.m. CST.

The program can also be heard online at
Welcome to GoodFolk Productions, Inc.
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Slaid Cleaves $20.00
Sunday, June 17, 2012
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Louise Mann missed Eco-award ceremony but finally got hers on June 16, 2012, presented by Mikel Lolley in front of his home on S. Hill Avenue

Please click on individual images to ENLARGE.

Public television takes to run beginning Sunday morning through July 22, 2012

Fayetteville seeking bids for a round hay baler? Aren't we a National Wildlife Federation-certified wildlife-habitat community? Then any former hayfields and pastures owned by the city should be managed with nothing more than an occasional mid-winter mowing. NO spring, summer or fall mowing if we want to really be wildlife friendly by encouraging native grass and forbs to dominate

Bids & RFP's, RFQ's

  • Bid 12-57, Round Baler Re-Bid

    Bid 12-57, Round Baler Re-Bid

    Deadline: Friday, July 06, 2012 before 2:00 PM, local time
    Description: The City of Fayetteville is accepting sealed bids for the purchase of one tractor drawn large round hay baler. 
  • Bid 12-56, Studio Camera Systems

    Bid 12-56, Studio Camera Systems
    Deadline: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 before 2:00 PM, local time
    Description: City purchase of two studio camera systems, as specified.  Bid documents can be obtained via the PDF link above.
  • Bid 12-55, Asphalt Materials - Quarter 3

    Bid 12-55, Asphalt Materials - Quarter 3
    Deadline: Friday, June 22, 2012 before 2:00 PM, local time

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Planning commission approves building in-ground swimming pool in floodplain of Mud Creek in northwest Fayetteville AR: In case you weren't there to comment, maybe you will want to contact planning-commision members now that the deed is done

Please click on individual images to ENLARGE: Now that I see the google map identifying the site of the house in question, I wonder why I bothered to speak out in defense of the riparian-zone ordinance. The Mud Creek is channelized through a golf course to the west and has Zero stream-side protection for a great distance. There was no stream-side ordinance when that golf course was authorized by the planning commission, which didn't include any of the current members. What does it take to educate people about the environment? In my case it was exposure to hunting and fishing and seeing land needlessly cleared along streams for agriculture and streams and lakes polluted by oil and gas production in north Louisiana, southwest Arkansas and northeast Texas. My father led me to appreciate the natural forests and swamps and to honor the rights and feelings of people with fewer resources than I had. But the schools can teach science and allow children to learn to think past their own selfish needs.

City of Fayetteville Appointees

Blake Pennington324 N. College Ave., Fayetteville, AR 72701(479) 430-122104/01/2012 thru 03/31/2014
Craig Honchell2430 Sharon St., Fayetteville, AR 72703(479) 236-149404/01/2009 thru 03/31/2012
Kyle Cook1335 N. Vandeventer Ave., Fayetteville, AR 72703(479) 521-763204/01/2011 thru 03/31/2014
Matthew Cabe230 S. Walker Rd., Fayetteville, 72701(479) 466-573904/01/2007 thru 03/31/2013
Porter Winston946 N. Lakeside Dr., Fayetteville, AR 72701(479) 442-910607/01/2007 thru 03/31/2015
Ryan Noble942 West Peachtree Drive, Fayetteville, AR 72703(479) 263-432504/01/2012 thru 03/31/2015
Sarah Bunch1301 N. Viewpoint Dr., Fayetteville, AR 72701(479) 442-071804/01/2010 thru 03/13/2013
Tracy Hoskins3155 N. College Ave., Suite 201, Fayetteville, AR 72703(479) 236-663604/01/2010 thru 03/31/2014
William Chesser1132 N. Oak Drive, Fayetteville, AR 72701(479) 521-363904/01/2010 thru 03/31/2013

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Outdoor Recreation meeting and Trail extension meetings on the same Thursday afternoon at separate places: How does that make sense? Don't know, but everyone who cares about the city's future should attend and speak up at both meetings.

Please click on individual images to ENLARGE view.

Please attend and talk about all park-related issues of concern to Fayetteville National Heritage Association. Outdoor photography, bird-watching, hiking and all the habitat issues are OUTDOOR RECREATION.

This meeting is important to FNHA, Sierra Club, Audubon, Environmental Action Committee, Tree and Landscape Committee, OMNI Center for Peace Justice Ecology, garden clubs and all groups concerned about urban wildlife and natural beauty and clean water and clean air, climate change, etc.

If we don't attend, the soccer moms and amateur jocks will dominate planning and spending for the future.

The giant Cummings property, a spectacular piece of habitat, will all be leveled for playing fields and the wildlife and beauty of the land will be only a memory of the few people who have actually toured in all seasons.

The Frisco Trail Extension meeting at 4 p.m. at the Senior Center

and the Outdoor Recreation Grant program meeting at 5:30 p.m. at Mount Sequoyah Gardens should be in one huge building over a 3-hour period or on separate days.
At least they are not at the SAME time Thursday, just planned to overlap enough to keep some of the 'usual' suspects from attending both. 
I hope everyone will try to attend both and speak up!
The trail extension will destroy a significant amount of stream-side habitat, wooded wetland in the floodplain. But the proposed bridge need not be built if the existing bridge a city block upstream on Spout Spring were utilized for crossing into Walker Park. I spoke about that at the previous trail meeting and again Monday night at the mayor's Town Hall meeting.
Thanks for reading,
Aubrey 444-6072
Legume family what species?
Immature short-horn grasshopper on Liatris waiting to bloom
Why is this liatris' foliage purple while waiting for rain to bloom?