Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Outdoor Recreation meeting and Trail extension meetings on the same Thursday afternoon at separate places: How does that make sense? Don't know, but everyone who cares about the city's future should attend and speak up at both meetings.

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Please attend and talk about all park-related issues of concern to Fayetteville National Heritage Association. Outdoor photography, bird-watching, hiking and all the habitat issues are OUTDOOR RECREATION.

This meeting is important to FNHA, Sierra Club, Audubon, Environmental Action Committee, Tree and Landscape Committee, OMNI Center for Peace Justice Ecology, garden clubs and all groups concerned about urban wildlife and natural beauty and clean water and clean air, climate change, etc.

If we don't attend, the soccer moms and amateur jocks will dominate planning and spending for the future.

The giant Cummings property, a spectacular piece of habitat, will all be leveled for playing fields and the wildlife and beauty of the land will be only a memory of the few people who have actually toured in all seasons.

The Frisco Trail Extension meeting at 4 p.m. at the Senior Center

and the Outdoor Recreation Grant program meeting at 5:30 p.m. at Mount Sequoyah Gardens should be in one huge building over a 3-hour period or on separate days.
At least they are not at the SAME time Thursday, just planned to overlap enough to keep some of the 'usual' suspects from attending both. 
I hope everyone will try to attend both and speak up!
The trail extension will destroy a significant amount of stream-side habitat, wooded wetland in the floodplain. But the proposed bridge need not be built if the existing bridge a city block upstream on Spout Spring were utilized for crossing into Walker Park. I spoke about that at the previous trail meeting and again Monday night at the mayor's Town Hall meeting.
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Legume family what species?
Immature short-horn grasshopper on Liatris waiting to bloom
Why is this liatris' foliage purple while waiting for rain to bloom?

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