Thursday, May 31, 2012

Map to Gulley Park gathering Friday afternoon

Park in lot off of Old Wire Road and walk to the pavillion. That is closest route. Ignore big red 1 on the, I believe. of Gulley Park for Certified Wildlife Community Celebration. Use entry from Old Wire for shortest walk to pavilion for music and other activities

Council of Neighborhoods listens to all residents of Fayetteville on the last Thursday of the month. Please attend and share your concerns. All welcome

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fayetteville Council of Neighborhoods
City Clerk
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Room 326
City Hall on Mountain Street
The agenda always includes a chance for someone to speak up for every neighborhood in Fayetteville AR and even neighborhoods around the city in the rural 'planning zone.'

Last meeting on city video system.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sierra Club hike at Lincoln Lake open to anyone up to the crooked and steep trail

Join us as we re-start the OHG Outings program with a 
short day hike around Lake Lincoln!
Location:  Lake Lincoln near Lincoln, AR (35 min from Fayetteville)
Carpooling: Meet at 8:30am near the intersection of Razorback and MLK Blvd (old 6th St).  We can park in the UA parking lot, NE of that intersection. Park close to the intersection.
Date:  Sunday June 3rd
Activity: Hiking to see and appreciate a local resource
Length: 5 miles around the lake (~3 hours)
Difficulty: Moderate. Rugged terrain with short, steep sections and a potentially wet creek crossing.  It is often dry, but will depend on precipitation.
What to Bring: Sturdy shoes, snacks, water, sunscreen, bug spray, weather appropriate clothing and a positive attitude
Who's Invited?  Anyone up to the task
There are no bathrooms or water facilities at the lake.
More or email Eric Boles at
In order to participate on one of the Sierra Club's outings, you will need to sign a liability waiver. If you would like to read a copy of the waiver prior to the outing, please see or call415-977-5528.
In the interest of facilitating the logistics of some outings, it is customary that participants make carpooling arrangements. The Sierra Club does not have insurance for carpooling arrangements and assumes no liability for them. Carpooling ride sharing or anything similar is strictly a private arrangement among the participants. Participants assume the risks associated with this travel.

ALSO, something special coming up in October:

The Hobbs State Park – Conservation Area Fall Festival will be celebrated from 1:00 p.m. to
4:00 p.m. on Sunday October 7th.  We will have activities planned at the visitor center as well as at Historic Van Winkle Hollow.
I need some help in finding a volunteer musician who will play their instrument (guitar, banjo, harmonica…It doesn’t matter) as well as greet the public as they enter Van Winkle Hollow to experience the activities there.
Can anyone suggest to me someone who I might contact for this enjoyable job?

Steve Chyrchel, Interpreter
Hobbs State Park – Conservation Area

Steve Chyrchel, Interpretive Naturalist 
Hobbs State Park - Conservation Area
20201 E. Hwy 12
Rogers, Arkansas 72756                                 
Phone:  479-789-5006
Fax:       479-789-2151

Description: Description: C:\Users\steve.chyrchel\Desktop\News releases to go out\Hobbs logo.jpgDescription: cid:image001.gif@01CD22D9.F7A9F250

To learn more about the park and scheduled events

This electronic message transmission contains information from the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism and is confidential or privileged.  The information is intended to be for the use of the individual or entity named above.  If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of this information is prohibited.  If you have received this electric transmission in error, please notify us by telephone immediately.  (479-789-5000)

Agenda and program guide for May 28, 2012, Memorial Day at Fayetteville National Cemetery

Fayetteville National Cemetery set of photos on Flickr includes hundreds from 2012 Memorial Day at the National Shrine. Notice difference from last year's Memorial Day and 5K race photos earlier in the set? Must be the four-story apartments jammed up along the edges of the cemetery! Please click on individual images for easy reading.
If you attended the ceremony or just went to visit the Fayetteville National Cemetery Monday, I hope you were prepared to park on S. School Ave., Hill Avenue and other nearby streets and walk in, because the construction of The Grove student apartments on the eastern, northeastern and northern edges of the cemetery has eliminated many traditional parking areas. Men were working on the buildings at 7 a.m. But they took a long break starting at 10 a.m. to allow speakers to be heard during Memorial Day activities and some sat on rooftops watching and maybe even listening to the speeches.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

David Lanier, documenting the lives of the homeless residents of Fayetteville and more

David Lanier's blog  Paradise In Sight

Writer David Lanier and Video documentarian Sarah Moore Chyrchel 

David Lanier on one of his blogspots: Today I walked and walked and walked and then prayed. A young lady at the University of Arkansas shot footage of me walking to the library and at the University of Arkansas and at Bible study. We're coordinating our talents for a film contest at the Fayetteville Public Library. The winner receives a $1,000 bonus. We're going to donate anything we win towards the construction of a homeless shelter in Fayetteville. I'm not a movie star, but there were some gawkers who were naturally curious about our film making today. The executive director of the library was even curious and came to greet us today. What is your legacy? I hope my legacy is partially fulfilled in June when the contest concludes. I've been dreaming and praying and writing since 2008 for the fruition of my legacy: a homeless shelter in Northwest Arkansas. Please dream with me. Please pray with me. And I'll let you be in my dream, if you'll let me be in your dream! From David Lanier on May 24, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jump Rope competition on Block Avenue today during block party

Here's the official jump rope schedule...

1p.m. Elementary to 5th Grade Competition
2p.m. All Ages Competition
4p.m. Relay Elimination
... 5p.m. Double Dutch

All Other Times--Jump All Day for Free!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Conservationists honored at Green House Grill

Set of photos from May 14, 2012, at Green House Grill. Individuals and groups and corporations honored by conservation and sustainability efforts.

Permanent link to "The Conservationist is IN" set on Flickr:  Please click on link.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sierra Club's Ozark Headwaters Group sponsors transit-tax discussion at Senior Center

Tom McKinney, conservation chairman of OHG Sierra Club, asks good questions
Joanna Pollack speaks with seniors who WANT more transit service

Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 3, 2012, recording of Aubrey James Shepherd's narration of nature photos for public-access television in Fayetteville AR"

Map and description of gardens on the May 26, 2012, OMNI peace-garden tour

Link to Google Map online.

   "Bamboo Peace Gardener"  1039 E. Overcrest St. (South of Township; west of Old Wire Rd.) Peace Gardeners: Hamsa & Moshe Newmark Enter this garden and feel transported into a unique environment, “a world unto its own.”  A graceful forest of a variety of bamboo populates the grounds. The newest addition is the presence of an octagon, all-cedar meditation temple.  All are invited to sit in the meditation temple and reflect upon the nature of peace that the garden effuses.  In addition, there are numerous benches in the garden to sit and enjoy the different views of the swaying bamboo. Tea and beverage will be available. "Blue Birds of Peace Garden"  951 Missouri Way (Turn west off Assembly) Peace Gardeners: Marshall Carter, Marilyn Fincher (for Nancy Maier) "The focal point of my peace garden is an Ozark flagstone tree-shaped patio designed by Quinn Landrum and built by Quinn and his father, the artist M.M. Kent. The center of the patio is a single orange stone sun with rays extending outward. Next to the patio is a terraced planting area for sunflowers, lavender, and butterfly bush. The area is surrounded on three sides by a fence and several birdhouses."  It Includes a Peace Pole.  Additional flowers: daisies, Solomon Seal, zinnias, spearmint, geraniums, lilies, sedum.  There are also vegetables: squash, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes.  A Zen white sand garden adds to the general beauty and cheer." —Nancy Maier "Heartwood Gallery Garden" 428 S. Government Peace Gardeners: Anita and Edward Hejtmanek A streetscape gem of a flower garden at the entrance to Heartwood Gallery "Parrish Peace Place" 2809 N. Cedar Hill Drive Peace Gardeners: David & Cookie Parrish (DIRECTIONS: Half way to Goshen on Hwy. 45, going east, just past a new church (on the left). TURN RIGHT up hill before red balloons.). Begun in 1995, this 3 1/2-acre landscape holds varied spaces and carefully tended areas — specially named gardens in one area, bountiful trees in another, and home and workshop in another. There are many opportunities to walk and discover plantings and David's woodwork. Please feel free to sit on one of the many benches, listen to the music from the house speaker on the back deck and have something cool to drink in Margaret's Garden picnic area! "Peace in Our Lifetime Garden" 4880 W. Wedington Drive (Hwy 16 west of 540) Peace Gardeners: Unity Center For Conscious Living You are invited to step into the labyrinth and walk the sandy path to the center and experience the peace that passes all understanding. In the center of the labyrinth you will find our peace pole presented to us by Omni Center. You are also welcome to visit our community garden, “Unity Organic Garden”. "Peace Trees Garden" 2008 W. Cleveland Street (just up from Sang) Peace Gardener: Cathy Boyd Two acres of large trees, clusters of flowers scattered beneath, swimming pool surrounded by flowers, vine-covered arbor perfect for snacks and drinks.   (Parking in lot adjacent east.) "Stroll Garden for Peace & Serenity " 17095 Lake Sequoyah Drive Peace Gardener: Anne Reichardt (DIRECTIONS: From School Ave. take Martin L. King Blvd. east toward Elkins for 5.4 miles (@ 1.5 mi it becomes Huntsville Rd., or, Hwy 16 east). Turn left onto Lake Sequoyah Dr. for 2.1 miles; okay to park in Fire Department lot on the left, the house and studio are on the right, the 2-acre garden is "up back".) Begun 6 years ago, this garden honors the natural character of the rural Arkansas landscape while incorporating Soto Zen accents. Enjoy the labyrinth consisting of many intriguing earth, stone, and repurposed sculptural elements among native plants, which are flourishing. Celebrate with chamber music playing in the gazebo in early afternoon. "Wishing Ball Peace Garden"  885 N. Fritz Drive (Off College, corner of Fritz & Cleburn) Peace Gardeners: Kelly Mulhollan & Donna Stjerna of Still on the Hill Dedicated to the late, great songwriter, Nick Masullo, the garden features many spheres, including a 4' tall "Wishing Ball" in front painted like the earth. The back yard is host to the annex "Mug Tree", modeled after Clara’s "The Mug Tree" in Batesville, AR. in memory of her son, which is now on the Historic Tree Register and is an AIDS awareness tree. A small veg garden on side, a small herb garden (help yourself) out front, and of course several peace poles.  The home is also the acclaimed Ozark Ball Museum (50-cent admission (or a ball!)).  Delicately lined with japanese honysuckle and privit, there are rock-lined flower beds and lots of mint.
View OMNI Peace Gardens Tour 2012 in a larger map

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Peter Nierengarten named new sustainability director for Fayetteville AR: University of Arkansas graduate currently works in Portland, Oregon

Public Works People: Peter Nierengarten Printable Version - May 20, 2009- 0 Comments

Peter Nierengarten is an engineer in the Water Bureau.1. Name 
Peter Nierengarten

2. Position and Group Name
Engineer, Engineering Services

3. Describe (briefly) the work you do
I work in Asset Management and help develop strategies for the long term viability of the Water System.

4. Which part of public works is your specialty? (Indicate ONE) Design, Construction, Maintenance, Operations

5. How does your work relate to the public?
My work supports the infrastructure improvement projects that can be seen throughout Portland.

6. What part of your job do you take the most pride in?
Being part of the 100+ year old, pristine, mostly gravity fed, ingenious water system.

7. What does being a public servant mean to you?
Providing for the public benefit and maintaining our water system in accordance with the community's ethics.

8. What is your favorite thing about working for the PWB?
Working with dedicated and knowledgeable co-workers.

9. What do you do when you’re not being a public servant?
Ride my bicycle and garden.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tonight's agenda with live links to backup information on issues before the Fayetteville City Council

Mayor Lioneld Jordan

City Attorney Kit Williams

City Clerk Sondra Smith
Ward 1 Position 1 – Adella Gray
Ward 1 Position 2 – Brenda Boudreaux
Ward 2 Position 1 – Mark Kinion
Ward 2 Position 2 – Matthew Petty
Ward 3 Position 1 – Justin Tennant
Ward 3 Position 2 – Robert Ferrell
Ward 4 Position 1 – Rhonda Adams
Ward 4 Position 2 – Sarah Lewis

Final Agenda
City of Fayetteville Arkansas
City Council Meeting
May 1, 2012

A meeting of the Fayetteville City Council will be held on May 1, 2012 at 6:00 PM in Room 219 of the City Administration Building located at 113 West Mountain Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Call to Order

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor’s Announcements, Proclamations and Recognitions:

1.Municipal Clerk’s Week Proclamation

City Council Meeting Presentations, Reports and Discussion Items:

1.1st Quarter Financial Report 2012

Agenda Additions:


1.Approval of the April 3, 2012 and April 17, 2012 City Council meeting minutes.

2.McClelland Consulting Engineers, Inc. Task Order No. 8:  A resolution to approve Task Order No. 8 with McClelland Consulting Engineers, Inc. in the amount of $18,000.00 for plans, bidding service, and construction administration of the Airfield Pavement Rehabilitation and Striping Phase II Project and to approve a budget adjustment of $18,000.00.

3.David and Susan Druding Settlement Agreement:  A resolution approving a settlement agreement with David and Susan Druding, concerning condemnation litigation filed as part of the Cato Springs Road Improvement Project, in the total amount of $15,000.00.

4.Bid #12-25 Goodwin & Goodwin, Inc.:  A resolution to approve a contract for relocation of water and sewer mains along Garland Avenue with the low bidder, Goodwin & Goodwin, Inc. in the amount of $1,575,497.00 with a project contingency of $78,775.00 and to approve a budget adjustment.

B.Unfinished Business:

1.Amend §34.27 Sale of Municipally Owned Real Property:  An ordinance to repeal §34.27 of the Code of Fayetteville and to enact a replacement §34.27 Sale of Municipally Owned Real Property of the Code of Fayetteville.  This ordinance was left on the Second Reading at the April 17, 2012 City Council meeting.

C.Public Hearing:

1.Dryve, Inc.:  A resolution to approve the application of Dryve, Inc. for a certificate of public convenience and necessity to operate a limousine service.

D.New Business:

1.Sourcegas Arkansas Inc.:  A resolution authorizing transfer of a natural gas easement on city property adjacent to Highway 16 to Sourcegas Arkansas Inc. as part of the Highway 16 Improvement Project.

2.Fayetteville Police Department Policies:  A resolution approving Fayetteville Police Department Policies 1.2.1 Limits of Authority, 1.3.1 Use of Force, 12.1.1 Direction, 12.2.1 Policies, Procedures and Rules Development and Review Procedures, 26.1.2 Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace, 41.1.1 Patrol, 42.1.1 Criminal Investigations, 41.2.11 Use of Department Vehicles, 44.1.1 Juvenile Operations, 61.1 Traffic Enforcement, 6.1.11 DWI, DUI, and 61.3 Traffic Direction and Control.

3.Street Name Change - Stadium Drive:  A resolution to change the name of a portion of South Garland Avenue and all of Paris Avenue to Stadium Drive.

4.Street Name Change - Bulldog Boulevard:  A resolution to change the name of portions of Stone Street and Clinton Drive to Bulldog Boulevard.

5.Repeal & Replace §178.04 Outdoor Mobile Vendors:  An ordinance repealing and replacing §178.04 Outdoor Mobile Vendors Located on Private Property of the Code of Fayetteville to provide for a variance procedure.


Slide show of 1,600 photos of Tanglewood Branch watershed from downtown to 15th Street in Fayetteville AR. April 30, 2012, photos at bottom of the set but slideshow likely displays in random order