Thursday, May 24, 2012

David Lanier, documenting the lives of the homeless residents of Fayetteville and more

David Lanier's blog  Paradise In Sight

Writer David Lanier and Video documentarian Sarah Moore Chyrchel 

David Lanier on one of his blogspots: Today I walked and walked and walked and then prayed. A young lady at the University of Arkansas shot footage of me walking to the library and at the University of Arkansas and at Bible study. We're coordinating our talents for a film contest at the Fayetteville Public Library. The winner receives a $1,000 bonus. We're going to donate anything we win towards the construction of a homeless shelter in Fayetteville. I'm not a movie star, but there were some gawkers who were naturally curious about our film making today. The executive director of the library was even curious and came to greet us today. What is your legacy? I hope my legacy is partially fulfilled in June when the contest concludes. I've been dreaming and praying and writing since 2008 for the fruition of my legacy: a homeless shelter in Northwest Arkansas. Please dream with me. Please pray with me. And I'll let you be in my dream, if you'll let me be in your dream! From David Lanier on May 24, 2012

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Anonymous said...

I applaud your efforts and concern for the homeless public, however, there is a great homeless shelter in Fayetteville already. It's called The Salvation Army at 219 West 15th St. in Fayetteville.... You can eat there everyday. You can stay there at night.