Wednesday, February 11, 2009

School board continues secret interview process

In response to an emailed question from a local patron of the Fayetteville School system, the chairman of the school board replied:

We will not be holding the initial interviews in public.
After we have narrowed the candidates to the ones that have the potential to be offered a contract we will have a public session where anyone will be able to ask questions and get familiar with the candidate. Feedback forms for the board will be available for comments as well as email etc. That input will be discussed when we make our final selection for superintendent.

Does this mean a public outcry will be enough to veto a poor selection? I suspect not.
But Mrs. Heil will eventually have to face election again.
A candidate who believes in the public's right to know might just win next time.


Anonymous said...

What was the vote when the school board made this decision?
The vote must have occurred in a meeting that violated the FOIA!

Anonymous said...

Almost everything the Fayetteville Board of Education does violates the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.