Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stream, wetland bill clears committee

Please click on images to view a relatively natural rural riparian zone on a snowing day in 2009 and a contrasting urban riparian zone that has been almost completely paved over with a silt fence that has failed even to protect the very edge of the stream.

Doug Thompson report on stream-preservation bill in The Morning News
Larry Woodall suggests that, "If you don't read the bill keep in mind Doug has a mistake in his column. There's a total of up to
$50,000 state income tax credit for riparian stream preservation per project. You can take up to $5,000 per year Ark
Income Tax credit for doing it. Then you may carryover the balance and get credits for
up to nine years. Those are it's major provisions. Now on to the senate."

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Anonymous said...

That kind of treatment of a stream in Fayetteville and Rogers and Springdale may be standard, but the country folk treat the streams better without even doing any planning. Just keep the tractor and the pickup away from the creek so they won't wash away.