Saturday, February 14, 2009

Disappeared? Northwest Arkansas Times reports on homelessness: No report on how many homeless people died in the two counties

Please click on images to enlarge view of examples of abandoned homeless camps in Northwest Arkansas

Homelessness rises in Northwest Arkansas

I personally believe that the estimates aren't close to the actual total. And the thing I want to learn is how many have died each year and where and when and why!

No one reports on raids on homeless camps. No one reports on the destruction of camps and eviction of homeless camps when new developments that clear the woods along Fayetteville's streams are proposed. No developers list even the number of homeless people who will lose their campsites when they bring forward a project. And no city official asks for this informatioin.

A homeless man died in the Walker Park wood by the Senior Center in February. His obituary hasn't been published. Apparently, no one has found any next of kin. His last name is the same as that of several Northwest Arkansas families. How difficult would it be to find a relative? Who is in charge of finding the information?
Homeless people sometimes are secretive. Some are talkative. But few people care enough to even talk to them;

There are hundreds of spots where people have camped in recent years and abandoned their possessions for some reason. Where are they now?

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Anonymous said...

You sound angry about the way homeless people are treated. That is understandable.