Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Morning News reports that Washington County leaders must document damage before state and federal agencies will discuss reimbursement

Does this make you relate to the people driven out of New Orleans by Katrina? Our natural disaster doesn't reach nearly to the Katrina level; but, in some cases, it comes far too close for individuals. And even Obama cannot cut through FEMA's red tape to heal it fast.

The Morning News report:

Disaster Money Means Local Paperwork

FAYETTEVILLE — Washington County leaders must document damage on the ground from the recent ice storm or risk receiving fewer federal disaster dollars.

Scott Bass of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management spoke today to about 100 representatives of the county, cities, schools and other agencies about the procedure for filing claims for organizations.

Agencies must file their claims before state officials and federal officials can meet with them specifically to discuss reimbursement, he said.


Anonymous said...

Any community that can actually wait for the help until they have made an accurate survey of it and estimate of its cost probably doesn't have a true emergency. FEMA is pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Did you expect anything more? This is FEMA, for God's sake. We need to sell the firewood and encourage people to buy wood-burning stoves. Matching money that requires wasting the reserve isn't a gift.