Thursday, February 26, 2009

Five-year-old photo of wetland construction site in preceding post. The wooded wetland served as a floodway but was kept wet by three springs

Please click on image to ENLARGE view of the area shown in the three immediately preceding photos as it appeared on March 28, 2004, before being bulldozed and dredged and filled for Aspen Ridge. Camera wasn't particularly good, camera operator was worse and the photo was actually reduced in size and quality to go on line at that time. Additionally, of course, the area was always shaded by tall trees! Even in winter one could see no more than 100 feet because of understory vegetation and thickness of the trees.


Anonymous said...

You were talking about this seven years ago!
I never went down there to see it, but I believed you were right about it.
Why couldn't you get the council to say no to that part of the Aspen Ridge project? Didn't they go "tour" it before they approved it in 2005?
I think that the people that sold their property to those "dredge and fill" enthusiasts were partly to blame. The people who built that subdivision along the old Butterfield Coach and Civil War Road there didn't fill wetland. They knew better.

Anonymous said...

Aub was writing about the Trail of Tears also going through there, but we never heard anything from any native Americans about studying the ground for relics of the Trail of Tears stop there. I guess they didn't consider that area sacred ground, although American Indians probably died there and some were even born there during that period.
Aub used to walk through our neighborhood and pass out multipage flyers with his essays on the neighborhood. I went to a couple of meetings but I never spoke at a council meeting. After breathing all that dust from the dump trucks and watching the arrogance of the builders for the SECOND TIME, I now regret not speaking out then.
Our neighborhood has been treated like a third-world country.

Anonymous said...

And now some thugs want to build 4-story student apartments that would shade the national cemetery most of the morning. Aub won't win this fight, either, because you guys won[t step up with him when it counts.
But you'll bitch for years about the dump trucks and the eventual rude-ass bunch of students in your neighborhood.
He can't stop it alone. Don't whine if the developers win.