Saturday, February 21, 2009

OMNI salsa and peace leadership event at 6 p.m. followed by diversity walk at 7 as part of Black History Month

Peace Leadership Forum
Saturday 6:00 pm, UCM Deep End
Salsa Potluck
7:00 pm, diversity walk for Black History Month

So what does diversity have to do with peace, anyway?

We probably don’t have to tell you about that. But it’s good to be clear and in unity about why we think it’s important for everybody to have a place at the table.

Saturday night over salsa we’ll talk about embracing diversity in our leadership, and then take action.

After we’re energized by salsa and conversation we’ll carpool over to the parking lot of Walton Arts Center, where a walk for diversity will be forming. With a bunch of other people from groups around Northwest Arkansas, we’ll walk Dickson Street as part of Black History Month.

We’re working in conjunction with “Human EQ”, a dedicated group who do cultural awareness and diversity education and training, and other good folks. We’ll be putting our boots on the ground where our values are rooted.

United Campus Ministries is at 902 W. Maple
for more information please do reply

Gladys Tiffany
Omni Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology
Fayetteville, Arkansas USA
479-973-9049 --

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