Friday, February 6, 2009

President Obama declares 23 Arkansas counties disaster areas

Larry Woodall says:
Spread this around...quickly to friends, neighbors, customers, employees anyone damaged by the ice storm. Note the number to call below.

Disaster declared
In 23 counties so far.

LITTLE ROCK – Governor Mike Beebe received word Friday afternoon that President Obama has granted his request for a major disaster declaration in Arkansas counties hit hard by last week’s ice storm.

The 23 counties covered by the federal declaration include Baxter, Benton, Boone, Carroll, Clay, Craighead, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Independence, Izard, Jackson, Johnson, Lawrence, Madison, Marion, Mississippi, Newton, Searcy, Sharp, Stone, Van Buren and Washington. Conway and Cross Counties were included in Governor Beebe's request but did not meet the requirements to be included in the federal declaration. Additional counties will be added to the State’s request as damage assessments continue.

"I again thank President Obama and federal authorities for their rapid consideration of our request," Governor Beebe said. "Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano called me this morning to touch base regarding FEMA's response in Arkansas and to offer her assistance in the final approval of our request."

The declaration brings with it federal assistance to cover 75 percent of the damages to public infrastructure in the affected counties, including utility systems, roads and bridges, water-control facilities and debris removal.

Beebe will submit an additional request for individual assistance to help Arkansans with uninsured losses resulting from the storm once those damage assessments are complete. Arkansans with such damage to their property are encouraged to contact the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management at 1-888-683-2336.


Anonymous said...

Took that idiot Obama long enough- what an fool. His should declare himself a disaster. No you can't Hussein!

Anonymous said...

He is not a fool- he is an idiot that is in over head- Like Lioneld- Don Marr must do more than facebook for him- maybe he can do what Gary Dumas used to!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah Gary. Must be tough now having to pay for your own lunches.

Lessie said...

Benton County has been a disaster area for some time now.

arkansas-crone said...

disaster releif? where? who gets it? ours has been....water bill went from average 40.00 to 199.00, yet due to power outages, we used much less water. no hot water for showers, no washmachine running 2 3 loads a day. no water leaks anywhere. I guess they need to charge the consumer extra for not having services. ( no water at all for three days of that billing period. Electric bill was the same even though power was out 1/3 of the month. I guess the consumer gets to foot the bill while the utility companys cry poor to uncle sam. If we don't pay off, we lose service. I think that is called extortion.

Anonymous said...

Where do you live? In a city or rural water situation?
It takes a big leak to use $200 worth of water.