Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Still nasty, after allllllll this time: Aspen Ridge mud before 11 p.m. Wednesday April 9, 2008

Water coming southeast from Aspen Ridge toward intersection of South Duncan Avenue and Eleventh Street.

Storm drain at W. Eleventh and South Duncan receiving flood water from Aspen Ridge.

Storm drain 60 feet south on NE corner of intersection of S. Duncan and W. 11th.

Outlet for storm drain 250 feet east into the Town Branch of the West Fork of the White River on the upstream side of the 11th St. bridge.

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Incomplete storm drain at 11th Street and South Duncan Avenue at 10:55 p.m. Wednesday April 9, 2008. If the developers had been required to put up a 100 percent bond in winter 2005 to guarantee stormwater management on the development site, this would be clear water running off of fully vegetated land and the actual volume of water would be much less, if the original plans were correct..

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Anonymous said...

You started this blog in August 2007, I believe. How many times have you photographed and published shots of this same scene during that eight or so months? How many 100-year floods have we had in less than a year?

Are you just trying to make Hal Forsyth and Hank Broyles get the point or are you really trying to get Fayetteville's city council to pass an ordinance requiring a bond on such things to keep this from happening again in the city?