Sunday, April 13, 2008

Do waste drugs affect living things when dumped in sewers and surface water?

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The Morning News reports drugs found in surface water


Anonymous said...

Aren't you getting a little too objective when you ask a quetion like this? Scientists have to be objective in research and publish legitimate results same as you journalists. But the chance that there is no harm to the environment is so low that finding specific harm will occur if such research persists.

In fact, it will never be possible to say that no harm is occurring as long as chemicals of any sort are released into the environment. Most banned or restricted-use chemicals were assumed to be harmless for decades.
After many, many problems with various widely used chemicals surfaced many years later, the public has come to expect scientists to figure out the harmful effects soon enough to prevent major harm.

It is much like discussing religion. No amount of research can conclude there is no creative power such as people call God. Trying to understand how living things work and the nature of that creator is valuable, but no proof of God's existence can be documented.

People have projected human characteristics onto their concept of God for endless centuries, but no single model has ever been accepted by all mankind.

Isn't there an organization named "Thank God for Evolution?" I've seen that slogan someplace and heard several people say it.

Anonymous said...

God doesn't want you people digging into His secrets!
Just read the Bible and believe. What terrible thoughts for a Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

If God had meant for people to be poisoned by chemicals, people would have been given chemicals along with the clean air and water that those substances pollute.