Friday, April 4, 2008

DeWitt for county judge


Larry DeWitt understands the Ozark Mountains of Washington County, Arkansas. He loves the hills, the trees, the wildlife and the precious soil.

I hereby nominate him for County Judge. I doubt he'll want to drive into Fayetteville for a meeting with a bunch of people who want to profit from destroying the county. But, if he will run, I'll travel the county to support him.


Anonymous said...

You don't see such real men hanging out on the square gawking at people working. He works his own garden and is a good steward of his own land. How did you get him to stand still for a photo? I know Larry, he is always working on his place.

Anonymous said...

Does he own that huge double-trunk tree? If a developer bought that land it would be the first thing to be removed. I hope he lives a long life and keeps his land natural.

Anonymous said...

Aubrey, your name means king of the elves. This guy looks the part more than you do. That is the kind of wild spot a person would imagine finding an elf!

Anonymous said...

When the Cummings property and other developments start out there, this and a few similar spots will be tiny remnants of the forest beauty that is there now.
I hope they don't allow stormwater to erode that whole area where the man Cato Spring is.