Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Come on John, don't disappoint your friends. Everybody knows what's wrong with this quote

Boozman visits Town Branch neighborhood in January 2004

John Boozman and Aubrey Shepherd on land now named World Peace Wetland Prairie

Melissa Terry and John Boozman looking over land now known as Aspen Ridge and soon Hill Place 100 yards south of Sixth Street
Internet guru in D.C. apparently couldn't understand that this was so close to the UA campus inside Fayetteville and captioned it as "south of Fayetteville." Some long-time residents of Fayetteville say that this land should have become Fayetteville's "Central Park" rather than a concrete and red-dirt marred wasteland.

Please click on image to enlarge Jan. 12, 2004, photo of Congressman John Boozman and Aubrey Shepherd after walk with other concerned citizens on the then-future site of World Peace Wetland Prairie and the now-defunct Aspen Ridge Townhouse construction site (up now for consideration as the Hill Place Community student-apartment site)

"Boozman said he gets a bad rating from environmental groups because he is interested in doing something about high energy costs by increasing supply."

"He has voted for drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, "for offshore drilling, and for a lot of things that would increase our national supply," he said.

"I'm concerned about high fuel prices for people on fixed incomes, not some interest group's ratings," the congressman said.

To read about the setting in which John Boozman made his comments, please click on

Boozman disappoints friends with absurd comment that is quoted by Doug Thompson in The Morning News

The League of Conservation Voters isn't an "interest group." An interest group is an oil company or an administration dependent on the oil companies and such for the money that put it in office and which seems to consider the lives of American soldiers a simple cost of doing business.

Conservation/environmental groups aren't all created equal, but mostly they are supported by altruistic people, (you know, the sort who try to live by Jesus' teachings).

And, if you are concerned about people on a fixed income, how about increasing funding for Social Security, Medicare and other programs for which people "on fixed incomes" paid for decades?

I respect you for sticking to your principles; but, when sticking to your principles means sticking it to low-income human beings and ALL OTHER LIVING THINGS ON EARTH, you need to consider learning and relying on some more meaningful, more righteous principles.

Right now, you are in danger of losing to a Green Party candidate. That hasn't happened to many Republicans, has it? But you don't have a Democratic opponent. So Abel Tomlinson is going to get every Democrat's vote and may get so many Republican votes that you could lose your seat.

Ethanol was discredited before ethanol was cool. It makes sense only where it can be produced without increasing acreage in production by destroying wildlife habitat and climate-protecting woodland and prairie land and without reducing basic food supplies or requiring transportation between continents.
And increasing off-shore or arctic drilling would be unconscionable. How about getting some federal money rolling to subsidize light rail and other forms of public transportation and stop subsidizing the oil moguls' war?

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