Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jeep passenger covers license plate before leaving Aspen Ridge after mud-slinging childishness

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Feb. 13 photo above
April 3 photo below


Anonymous said...

LMAO, that MOE sticker above his license plate gives him away, doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, the kid knows he is doing something wrong. But nobody has explained to him what is wrong with tearing up the ground when it is raining. Time was a guy driving a Jeep probably was going hunting or fishing and could be expected to understand how soil erosion would decrease his chances of catching high-quality fish in the waterway that would receive the extra silt from his tires rolling through the mud and onto a paved road. Having four-wheel drive meant he could get to some places others couldn't reach and actually minimize environmental damage in the process.
That photo shows how much about the real world the average college student is likely to understand these days.