Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ward One of south Fayetteville meets developers to discuss proposal to build student apartments on Washington County Sale Barn land

Please click on images to enlarge view of some of the people attending the meeting in the top two photos and a view east on Eleventh Street on Tuesday morning showing the National Cemetery in the background and the part of the sale barn at right.

Ward One residents shared their impressions and commented on a proposal presented by Bob Estes for rezoning the Washington County Sale Barn property in the Town Branch neighborhood to allow building an apartment complex that would provide rooms for 500 college students on the east side of Government Avenue and Dunn Avenue between 7th Street and 11th Street. The national cemetery is on the west side of those avenues.
Fayetteville residents expressed concern about the proposed four-story buildings overshadowing the historical cemetery for war veterans and their spouses. They expressed concern about the traffic of 500 students using the adjacent streets. They expressed concern about the noise of 500 students living adjacent to the cemetery.
They asserted that the city has more apartments than needed already, including the soon-to-be completed Hill Place project that will provide more than 800 bedrooms for UA students only three blocks to the northwest this fall.
Mayor Lioneld Jordan and the two City Council members from Ward One, Adella Gray and Brenda Thiel, attended the meeting.
The meeting was taped and the video will be shown on Government Channel City 16 on Cox Cable at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday or when the replay of the City Council meeting ends and at 10:15 p.m. Friday

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