Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another view of the area that the Fayetteville Housing Partners are seeking to buy

Please use cursor to move the map around the area, and use tools provided to magnify for closer view or click on show labels to clarify where you are on the map or find other information. With a little experimentation, one can learn a lot from these. The green trees are mostly cedars on relatively high ground and the gray trees are the deciduous trees in cold weather. The gray areas include the overflow areas of water coming from north of Seventh Street. And open areas at left adjacent to Washington Avenue are in great part wetland with absorbent soil on the surface and a typical wet prairie clay beneath that prevents water from sinking deep. Such areas allow water to spread out and stand temporarily and protect downstream areas from flooding. Downstream, one can see the Morgan Manor project where flooding already occurs because the paving there and the elimination of the prairie soil system that historically kept much of the rain water where it fell has been taken out of the stormwater-management equation.

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