Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wild bergamot and many other native species on World Peace Wetland Prairie are keeping their blooms a much shorter time than usual this June as south Fayetteville is experiencing an early summer drought while storms pass nearby on June 24, 2010

Please double-click the image to ENLARGE view of temporaily fading peace-circle garden on June 23, 2010.
Disappointing after waiting all these months for the wild things to bloom. I dragged out more than 100 feet of hose from the north side of my house and started watering the peace-circle garden on the weekend, but there are not enough shady hours in the longest days of summer to allow for much serious watering. Part of the attraction of native plants is that even when their always brief flowering periods is foreshortened by drought, they will return if the soil they grow from is protected.

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