Thursday, June 17, 2010

Council of Neighborhoods to meet at Fayetteville Boys & Girls Club at 6 p.m. today

Please use link near bottom of post to go to facebook to read full information and reply if you choose to. I will be in the Telecom Board meeting starting at 5:30 p.m. today but hope to attend FCON in July when the meetings move from third to final Thursday of each month. That will reduce conflicts for many people.

Fayetteville Arkansas
Fayetteville ArkansasJune 17, 2010 at 7:34am
Subject: FCON Monthly Meetings
Tonight - June 17, 2010 is the monthly Fayetteville Council of Neighborhoods meeting. It is being held at the Fayetteville Boys & Girls Club on Rupple Road starting with a tour at 6PM.

Starting next month the monthly FCON meetings will be held on the LAST Thursday of each month. The next meeting will be July 29, 2010.

Tonight's agenda will continue subcommittee work on the 2010 FCON Goals:

■ Launch a campaign to increase NA attendance by 50% through personal contact by participating NA members.
■ Host a candidate debate forum for local election (City Council, etc.)
■ Hold a fundraiser for FCON.
■ Increase FCON participation in ordinance development (use FCON as a first stop forum).
■ Develop a FCON fact sheet.
■ Have a FCON presence at the Farmers’ Market as part of a NA education campaign.
■ Have offsite meetings for FCON to increase interesting content.
■ Develop a FCON Long Range Plan.
■ Continue the Beauty Mark Award but have one awarded to Business and one awarded to a Neighborhood each year.

Everyone is invited to attend.

If you would like more information contact Julie McQuade, Community Outreach Coordinator, at (479) 575-8302 or jmcquade@ci.;

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