Thursday, June 17, 2010

Please call our senators and BEG them to vote for the strongest possible protection of our planet against climate change and to support clean-energy legislation

Dear Keaton,

This afternoon, the Senate Democratic Caucus will decide how our country will respond to the Gulf Coast oil disaster.

Will they seize the moment and support a comprehensive climate and clean energy bill? Will they be bold enough to create millions of jobs, strengthen our national security, end our addiction to fossil fuels and help solve the climate crisis?

Or will they settle for a band-aid solution that will please the special interests and do nothing to change the status quo?

The outcome of this meeting will have profound consequences for our movement and our nation's future. Demand that your Senators take bold action on climate and clean energy today!
Call your Senators Now:

Senator Lincoln: 

Senator Pryor: 

Report your call here.

Once connected tell them:
  • You are a constituent.
  • We must take a bold stand in the wake of the Deepwater Oil Disaster.
  • Only a bill that caps carbon will end our reliance on dangerous, dirty energy.
  • Please, support a comprehensive climate and clean energy bill at today's caucus meeting.
On this crucial decision day, you can be the voice that inspires your Senators to take a stand in support of the bold path our nation so desperately needs.

Please ask your Senators to support comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation today.

Report your call here.

Today, America's clean energy and climate future will be written. Good luck to all of us.


Dave Boundy
Campaign Manager
The Climate Protection Action Fund's Repower America campaign

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