Friday, June 18, 2010

The Sturge-Weber Foundation helps children unusual but serious problems

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Since 1987, The Sturge-Weber Foundation has been providing superior support to all individuals with port wine birthmark related conditions.  The exceptional dedication of volunteers and professionals is the cornerstone of our success. 

For those of you just beginning your search for answers - In the midst of all the challenges, there are many individuals and families who have experienced successes and shining moments.  Read about the good things that have happened and continue to happen in the lives of our members.

Meet Madelyn, June's Feature Calendar Story:   June 2010

The Faces of Miracles campaign was launched at the end of 2009 and is our way of raising awareness of Sturge-Weber Syndrome and the vital support we need to continue our mission.  Faces of Miracles brings awareness through the calendar filled with fourteen miracle stories and pictures.  Calendars tell us what day it is.  The Faces of Miracles calendar tells us every day there are people who need our love and support.

Now it's time to begin thinking of creating our 2011 Faces of Miracles Calendar.  Would you like to be featured in the calendar?  The 2011 calendar will feature 13 calendar stories, one for each month and one for the "year at a glance page."  The goal of the calendar will be to feature:

3 calendar pages of children newborn to 5 years of age
3 calendar pages of children 6-12  years of age
3 calendar pages of teenagers 13-18 years of age
2 calendar pages of young adults 19-25 years of age
2 calendar pages of adults over 25 years of age

Interested?  Please email your story (no more than 580 words) and photo to Bonnie at by Friday, September 24, 2011.  

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