Saturday, March 27, 2010

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March 27, 2010 | NPR· The losing 2008 Republican presidential ticket is back on the campaign trail. John McCain and Sarah Palin are campaigning together in Arizona this weekend as McCain faces a serious challenge from the right of his own party.
AFP/Getty Images
March 27, 2010 | NPR· Just weeks after being publicly mocked by Sarah Palin and a seemingly ascendant Republican Party, Obama is sounding like his old, audacious self again. With the improbable success of the health care bill, he can once again talk about Americans' ability to do big things — and not sound silly.
March 27, 2010 | AP· President Barack Obama is back to square one — again — in finding a transportation security chief to shore up the nation's defenses against terrorist threats from the air, road and rail.


Employee Assistance Programs Provided Help in a Stressed Economy
Fri Mar 26 16:15:54 EDT 2010
There is no question those on the unemployment rolls are under incedible stress. But what about workers left behind to take up their tasks, as well as their own workload? We talk with certified employee assistance coordinator, David Duerr, to see how workers are coping.

Arkansas Immigrants March on Washington
Sat Mar 20 15:40:54 EDT 2010
While Congress decided on health care reform this weekend, a huge rally took place on the National Mall in Washignton calling for comprehensive immigration reform. A co-sponsor of the event was Reform Immigration for America. We hear from key south organizer, Jose Gomez.

Strings Orchestra Is Childs Play
Sun Mar 14 11:58:29 EDT 2010
A group of children have taken up the violin to form the region’s first elementary school string orchestra--with help from volunteer music instructor and mom, Connie Richardson.
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The Writer’s Almanac
Sat Mar 27 02:00:00 EDT 2010
Saturday’s Poem: "All Night Long" by Patricia Fargnoli, from Necessary Light. Saturday’s Literary Notes: It’s the birthday of the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, born in Knoxville, Tennessee (1963). Instead of going to film school, he got a job at a video rental store that had one of the largest video collections in Southern California. Several other aspiring filmmakers worked there, and they would watch movies all day at work, discussing camera angles and dialogue. He spent five years working at the video store, writing screenplays, but he wasn’t getting anywhere in his career. He finally got a break when he met an actor who knew another actor who knew Harvey Keitel, and Keitel agreed to look at one of Tarantino’s scripts. Keitel was impressed enough to volunteer to help Tarantino produce the film, and to act in it himself. The result was Reservoir Dogs (1992), which made Tarantino internationally famous. His next film, Pulp Fiction, won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1994, and it went on to win an Academy Award for best screenplay. His latest film, Inglorious Basterds, came out in 2009. He was nominated for an Oscar for Best Director and the film was nominated for Best Picture.

Strand Releasing
March 25, 2010 | NPR· French director Catherine Breillat, known for her provocative sexual imagery, takes on the story of Bluebeard — a lonely lord whose young but fiercely proud new wife uncovers a dark secret lurking in her husband's castle.
March 25, 2010 | NPR· By official decree, dragon-killing is the most popular pastime on the Viking island of Berk. But when one local boy ignores everything he's been taught and inadvertently befriends a young fire breather, well — it turns out that's one heartwarming 3-D movie.
Sony Classics
March 25, 2010 | NPR· Based on a 2003 French film, Atom Egoyan's Chloe tells the story of a desperate woman (Julianne Moore) who hires an escort to seduce her husband. Critic Mark Jenkins says the film is a sexy tease — but its story is beyond absurd.


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The tribal guardians of the dangerous Afghanistan border -- Pakistan's Frontier Corps, Monday on NPR's Morning Edition. 

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Historian Tony Judt talks about life with ALS, a "progressive imprisonment without parole," Monday on NPR's Fresh Air. 

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