Friday, March 26, 2010

Rufus, a pet of the late Brenda Moossy, needs a home now!

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Please continue to pass this on and consider helping us. If you can't offer Ru a home, please help me and Tracy continue to provide for his needs. Mail donations to Tracy Oates at 13871 Green Ridge Road, Fayetteville AR 72701.This is NOT a scame. Thank you. We will not give up on Rufus. This is the late poet and nurse Brenda Moossy's last doggie that still needs a home. He's been allowed to live in Brenda's house since she passed away in Fayetteville during the ice storm more than a year agao (with a renter) but the renter is about to leave and the house is being sold, so we are down to the wire now. I apologize if I've sent this to someone who didn't know Brenda, isn't a dog lover, or is just tired of hearing about this. Please forgive me in advance. Dogs are people to me! :)

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