Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tanglewood Branch (left) joins Spout Spring Branch (right) at the edge of Walker Park

Please click on individual images to ENLARGE. Top photo shows confluence of
Tanglewood Branch (left) and Spout Spring Branch (right)
In photo below, a seemingly small stream that develops from water on the south side of downtown square and Rock Street and flows underground in storm drains and reappears downhill and then goes underground under a drugstore and a couple of auto-part stores before coming above ground on the southeast side of Advance Auto Parts and flowing down a ditch and under 9th Street


Anonymous said...

It looks like so many wilderness stream in the Ozarks until you see the urban debris in the riparian area and even in the stream. I know that the city plans to follow best-management practices for future projects near our streams but will they figure out how to clean out the urban creeks without creating more erosion?

aubunique said...

With the help of people such as you, I hope to see that the city staff in all departments do their part to gradually fix it all. Old ways will only make the situation worse. They have to think before acting. A habit we all have to learn.