Monday, March 21, 2011

Daffodils varied and plentiful at World Peace Wetland Prairie this week

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Anonymous said...

Are those species native to north west Arkansas or invasive?

aubunique said...

Most native species don't even come out of the ground this early in spring, so these are just beautiful nonnatives and potential nectaring flowers before the natives get on the move. I have seen some orange butteflies and nonnative honeybees and tiny spiders and other insects looking for sustenance this week.
So the natives become increasingly important in April, May, June and July and all the way to December some years.

aubunique said...

They are not invasive but might increase to some extent without human help.
The worst invasive nonnative is the Japanese honeysuckle. Second is the privit, followed by the China honeysuckle bush, which sadly is the most important plant protecting our streambanks in Northwest Arkansas.
They all need to disappear from our ecostystem, but only in the order I mentioned. Radical removal of the China honeysuckle bush in riparian zones would result in rapid erosion that no native plant could grow fast enough to prevent.
That is the reality.