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Fayetteville's Regional National Cemetery fund-raising group to meet at Legion Hut at 10:30 a.m. March 12: All invited to attend, listen, comment on agenda items, donate and/or join the group during the meeting if you choose

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  •  Agenda for March 12 RNCIC Meeting‏

To Gloria S. Bailey, Freddie Boaz, Ron Butler, Harold Crivello, Larry Delashmet, David Elliott, Bill Emerson, Don Foster Commander AL 27, Sue Graham, Joe Kerr, Jake Lamkins, G. Leonard McCandless, Peggy McClain, Roger McClain, Gene McVay, Ginger Middleton, dave rader, Ryan Reynolds, Jim Rose, Joshua Sakon, Budd Saunders, Aubrey Shepherd, Lorna Sterrett, Wes Stites, Beverley Swaim, Chris Turner, Charles Williams
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Sent:Fri 2/18/11 4:28 PM
To: Gloria S. Bailey (; Freddie Boaz (; Ron Butler (; Harold Crivello (; Larry Delashmet (; David Elliott (; Bill Emerson (; Don Foster Commander AL 27 (; Sue Graham (; Joe Kerr (; Jake Lamkins (; G. Leonard McCandless (; Peggy McClain (; Roger McClain (; Gene McVay (; Ginger Middleton (; dave rader (; Ryan Reynolds (; Jim Rose (; Joshua Sakon (; Budd Saunders (; Aubrey Shepherd (; Lorna Sterrett (; Wes Stites (; Beverley Swaim (; Chris Turner (; Charles Williams (

Due to poor weather, the February RNCIC meeting was canceled.  Following is an updated agenda for the RNCIC meeting on March 12, 2011.  Please note comments in red and be prepared to discuss at the meeting.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call Ron Butler 750-2598, cell 445-8336, or email    Thank you.                                                             

Call meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes of the January meeting

Financial Report

Web Master's Report

                                                       Old Business

Elect 'At-Large' Board member (By-Laws Art 4, para F)  Be prepared to make your nomination for the RNCIC member at-large.
Officers for CY 2011 take the Oath of Office (By-Laws Art 11)

Status Report concerning Property Acquisition

                      Lot # 15

                      Lot # 17


Other Old Business

                                                        New Business

Fund Raising Initiatives  "Rough-out" an outline of your thoughts for fund raising initiatives.  We will review them and discuss the feasibility of success.

RNCIC member attendance/ new member recruiting  We need to recruit some new members to have a larger attendance at our meetings.  With more active members, we should be able to do more and spread the work.
2011 Memorial Day Ceremony

Review of RNCIC By-Laws  Review the RNCIC By-Laws and have your thoughts ready to discuss.  A copy of the By-Laws can be secured from the RNCIC web site.

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