Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kane Webb replaces Meredith Oakley as Voices Editor of the Arkansas Democrat/Gazette
See Arkansas Business Web site for more of the story.
Kane went to work for the Arkansas Democrat as a writer of sporting news in the 1980s. As outdoor editor and frequently a volunteer sports copy editor and proof reader at that time I recognized his potential and can honestly say that he is an excellent editor to replace Meredith after her decades of wonderful work at the Democrat and later at the Demozette. Congratulations to both. I hope Meredith with be sharing her thoughts as a blogger. She always thinks independently and her now totally independent thoughts would be interesting. I look forward to reading

Also, I hope Roy Reed or another of the great interviewers for the UA oral history site will interview her from the perspective of someone who worked on the inside when John Robert Starr was managing editor of the Democrat and overwhelmed the Gazette owners and even the mighty Gannett with perseverance.

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