Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ride till the END

At Last!
The Ride till the End CD has arrived!  Jacob George and the gang need our support as the weather gets cold as they ride across America for peace.   Omni will host a Holiday Open House on Saturday the 11th from 2- 4 PM  at the Omni Center to give you all a chance to swing buy and pick up a copy in loo of a proper CD release party in January.  GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT AS WELL!  (hint, hint)  This is a fabulous CD with all new recordings from many Fayetteville favorites.  

Songs by Jacob George and the gang, Emily Kaitz, Candy Lee,Geoff Oelsner, Nick Masullo, Strange Heros, Laura Kelly, Dan Dean, and Still on the Hill
Poems by Jacob George, Steven Coger, Dave Malm, Moshe Newmark, Doug Shields, Clayton Scott, and Mohja Kahf

In addition, we encourage folks to bring any of the items on the following list so we can send a winter care package to them right away.  It's cold out there!
  • cards with good wishes
  • money
  • warm socks - great big
  • protein bars
  • glucosamine supplement tablets
  • Emergen-C
  • Teas - immune-boosting ones like "Throat Coat"
  • chips packed to ship well
  • nuts
  • easy-cook but healthy foods
  • cheese sticks
  • good juices in shipable containers
We will have several other great gifts to consider at the open house to benifit Omni's ongoing efforts as well as holiday food and drink. 
You can sponsor the 'Omni Carolers' to visit nursing homes on Christmas Eve, buy Peace Poles, Geoff Oelsner CDs and Nick Masullo CDs and Fair Trade products from our Youth Group (TLC).   All proceeds will benefit Omni!
Give the gift this year of Peace, Justice, and Ecology!!!
See you there!  
Kelly and Donna/ Omni Center
P.S. If you don't know about Ride till the End, visit Operationawareness.org

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