Friday, December 3, 2010

Jo Bennett's comment suitable for framing and sharing on Earth Day

Hope for the Earth

I would like to apologize to my grandchild and future great-grandchildren for leaving them such a depleted planet.

I am apologizing for myself, my parents and my grandparents. The most damage to the planet was done in these three generations.

In defense, we can only plead ignorance. We have cut down 90 percent of the forests, used up most of the minerals, over-fished and polluted the oceans, lost a large part of the top soil, overpopulated humankind to 8 billion, destroyed the habitat and existence of most of the animal kingdom, and brought about a serious climate


This past Thanksgiving week, I

was privileged to attend a symposium called “Awakening the Dreamer” and came away with hope that much of the damage to the Earth can be turned around through a grassroots movement involving many, many organizations.

I urge anyone who feels hopeless about these issues to contact the Awakening the Dreamer program, the Pachamama Alliance or the Global Footprint Network and try to attend a symposium.

JO BENNETT Fayetteville

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