Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What is our school board teaching the next generation? Looks as if they are teaching them to waste precious natural resources and taxpayer money; Or is it borrowed Chinese money that must be paid back by the coming generation?

Please click on individual images to enlarge and widen view of wasteful destruction of public property in a futile effort to SAVE MONEY by SPENDING MONEY. If you believe that line you probably look at advertisements that offer you the chance to save 50 percent and run out and buy something you would never have bought without reading the advertisement in order to save MONEY? The Fayetteville School board's cheerleading group is trying to sell adults on things they ought to see that schools teach young NOT TO FALL FOR. Whatever FREE money the board gets for this project will be paid for by US: Whether U.S. or Arkansas or Fayetteville or Washington County or whatever. It is all taxpayer money being wasted. And fuel and natural resources being squandered. This will actually encourage more dangerous and uncontrollable drilling offshore and more destruction of coastal wetland. Nothing about this project saves anything. It hurts all of us in many, many ways we can't even predict.
If you click and enlarge the photos you can see material that was sound and functional only weeks ago and now has been bent and twisted and made unusable. How many homes and other structures could have been re-roofed with the huge strips of metal roofing? How many buildings could have been underpinned with the steel structural material that was intentionally twisted before being dumped on the ground?
Free money for construction? Somebody tell us where it comes from, please?

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