Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today's highlight event: 11 a.m. meeting of land-use and green-infrastructure committee of the Fayetteville Forward

Hello Members and/or interested by-standers of the Fayetteville Forward Land Use Planning and Green Infrastructure Committee

Meeting:   Tuesday August 17,  room 326, City Hall -----------  11:00  am  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This month our committee will be meeting with the city administration staff,  and members from Planning, Engineering, Parks, Urban Forestry, etc. for a presentation by Fayetteville Natural Heritage Assoc. on Green Infrastructure.  This is a general information session for the purpose of acquainting people, who work for or serve the city in some  capacity (volunteers, commissioners, council, etc.)   with terminology, concepts, unique local attributes, and the need for Green Infrastructure planning and implementation.   
All interested citizens are welcome.
Last month our committee focus was on the Storm Water/Green Infrastructure Conference sponsored by EPA, the UA/Wash. Cty Extension Service, Illinois River Watershed Partnership, and Beaver Water District.

A useful link for learning more.

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