Thursday, August 19, 2010

Support the EPA's coming crackdown on climate pollution

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Support the EPA's coming crackdown on climate pollution:

Dirty polluters and their allies want you to think that cutting climate pollution is hopeless -- but they're wrong.

Under President Obama, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is planning to use the Clean Air Act to crack down on the dirtiest coal power plants and similar polluters.

Now that the Senate has once again punted on strong climate legislation -- or even passing an oil spill recovery bill! -- the Clean Air Act is an even more important tool to cut climate pollution and jump-start investments in clean energy.

It's critical to show public support for immediate strong action on climate to the EPA and the Obama Administration.Sign our petition to help cut global warming pollution today!

Big Oil and Dirty Coal will do whatever it takes to kill efforts to force them to clean up their act. They'll stop at nothing to keep the Clean Air Act from protecting us from the dangers of climate pollution.

Let's show the EPA and the Obama Administration that the American people support cracking down on dirty climate polluters and protecting our health. Sign our petition supporting the EPA's coming crackdown on climate pollution today!

Keep an eye on your email inbox for future actions to defend the Clean Air Act from big polluters. In the meantime, this is a quick yet meaningful action that can get us started on tackling climate change. Please take a second to sign the petition today.

Thanks for taking action,

Liz Butler
Deputy Campaign Director, 1Sky
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