Monday, July 12, 2010

A lifetime resident of the Grand Prairie of east Arkansas once told me that, in summer, rain sometimes would fall on the adjacent wooded areas but not the bottomland that had been cleared for agricultural fields; Wayne Hampton fought the Grand Prairie irrigation boondogle until the year he died: His family built reservoirs of its own and caught the water where it fell to irrigate and to flood their hardwood bottomland for waterfowl in winter. And had water in spring to pump back to their reservoirs and fields if rain was scarce

Thunder but no rain. The pattern remains. South Fayetteville is still in a drought despite the many, many rainstorms that have passed near.
The weather channel radar just showed a fine thunderstorm line across Springdale and the NORTHERN HALF of Fayetteville. In other words, the Illinois River watershed is Fayetteville is getting rain. The Beaver Lake watershed is not.

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