Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finally got rain in south Fayetteville: Some owners of low-lying property were about to beg it to stop. Thunder still booming and rain drops keep falling

I was thinking earlier when I posted: Be careful what you wish for. The trailing end of the thunderstorm was dragged across south Fayetteville and the bridge at 11th Street between Duncan and Hill Avenues was under more than 2 feet of water for a long time.
I drove around Van Buren to 15th and north on Ellis Ave. to get safely to the other side and awakened a neighbor whose yard was full of water overflowing from the Town Branch.  The rain slowed and the water receded almost back into the stream banks.  But the rain gets harder and then slackens as the clock approaches 2 a.m. When I left to return home, I suggested to the neighbor that he sleep the rest of the night wearing a life jacket (aka flotation device).

That neighbor is angry and frustrated that he bought a house without being warned at the beginning that it was subject to a disastrous flood. It hasn't happened yet, but it hasn't stapped raining yet.
Sure, I wanted rain and I am grateful for what we got. But there is no excuse for more paving and construction upstream.

Build bike racks and forget parking lots at the high school.  Or just leave it alone and keep doing a great job of educating our future leaders.

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