Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who lied to me about using only manual labor to clear ice-storm debris from the Town Branch?

Just opened email from a neighbor on S. Van Buren Avenue that
BACKHOES were working in the Town Branch near 15th Street on Saturday:

Subject: Creek

"thought you might be interested to know that they have backhoes and junk in the creek behind our house. noisy and tearing stuff up. not happy."

Did someone LIE to me a week or so ago and previously when I was told that the work authorized to clear debris from the Town Branch would be done ONLY with manual labor?


Anonymous said...

You misunderstood. How do I know? Because no hand labor is ever involved in anything anymore.
Sure, there are federal and state laws that would keep machines our of the streams, but who enforces them?
There is a permit to skirt every environmental law.

Lessie said...

Name names.

Curtis Presley said...

I'd like to see the Notice of Intent and the EPA approval/permit to conduct work, including the use of machinery, within the stream. The permit and the required Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan would spell out the approved management measures which must be followed. Enforcement is based on the state responding to complaints.

aubunique said...

This was some kind of federal stimulus-financed plan with the feds doing the hiring and not giving local control of the money.
And the guys doing the work were pretty confident because they are working similar jobs on these federal projects across the country. Nice guys from Georgia. No work for locals.
It takes hours to post video clips but I'll try to put one up instead of more still photos.

aubunique said...

Now that you have had a chance to read the rules of engagement from that crew of Georgia and Florida boys coming in to attack our precious local streams, I would hope you know that they were wrong to run their machinery in the stream and that someone, whose name I still don't know, lied to me. I don't blame the workers because they were following orders, but there was no federal inspector onsite to see that it was done right! That is a problem.