Sunday, November 15, 2009

State Representative Lindsley Smith's legislative update in honor of Veterans Day 2009

Legislative Update‏
Sent: Sun 11/15/09 8:43 PM
In 1918, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month… the world rejoiced. An armistice was signed to end the “war to end all wars.” The following year, President Woodrow Wilson declared November 11th to be recognized as Armistice Day. Some two decades later, Congress voted to make November 11th a national holiday to include all veterans of America’s wars.
To honor the service of military personnel and veterans, the Arkansas House of Representatives, in concurrence with the Senate, enacted several pieces of legislation on their behalf during the 87th General Assembly.

· Act 30 of 2009 requires that all state flags on public buildings be lowered to honor and pay tribute to a member of the armed services, who is killed in action.
· Act 944 of 2009 eliminates the requirement that members of the National Guard or Reserve, who are teachers or school administrators, pay for the cost of a substitute employee when the member is on military leave.
· Act 214 of 2009 amends the Arkansas National Guard tuition incentive program by increasing the annual tuition incentive award up to five thousand dollars per eligible service member payable at $2,500 per semester.
· Act 232 of 2009, clarifies the Governor’s power to order the organized militia into active service for the purpose of working with state agencies in the planning and training for emergencies or disasters and to respond to emergencies or disasters.

Additionally, several pieces of legislation were enacted for special license plates to honor military personnel and veterans.

· Act 784 of 2009 creates a newly redesigned military license plate. The plates will be available beginning November 12, 2009, at Arkansas State Revenue Offices that issue special license plates.
· Act 651 of 2009 authorizes the issuance of a special license plate for Cold War veterans.
· Act 685 of 2009 allows the Department of Finance and Administration to issue Gold Star Family special license plates to spouses or parents of members of the armed forces killed in a conflict.
· Act 632 of 2009 amends the Special License Plate Act of 2005 to allow retired members of the armed forces of the United States to obtain special license plates for nominal fees.

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