Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Historic home on the 2 acres proposed for the dog-boarding kennel

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Civil War House at 2650 Old Farmington Road in Fayetteville AR" DSCN8163


Lessie said...

Is this a historic home or just an old house? What makes it historic?

I agree that it looks like a good place for boarding a dog, and I don't know why the city council voted it down.

aubunique said...

The boarding would be in what the developer called "dog condos." That house was on the main road west into Indian Territory and the Trail of Tears route west. I don't know the history, but have heard a bit of it. Clearly a civil-war house. Probably listed in the Washington County history book.\

The current owner/potential dog-boarding operator said she will take her operation to Johnson and put this property up for sale, probably. She said in her proposal that the house would be kept but never explained whether as a dwelling, office or some combination.

In addition to protecting that building and providing for people who might choose to adopt dogs by providing a convenient day-boarding-only to make their lives with dogs easy, my comments concerned the massive amount of water flowing off that area and the erosion everywhere along the edge of that hill, which hotels and the typical housing development across the road already create. This land is zoned C-2, I believe and a new plan by her or some potential buyer could denude that land and send more water to already flood-prone areas such as Greathouse Park and houses just upstream from the park.

The two strongest speakers against it were Hawkins of Regional Planning, who lives nearby (with how much property I don't know) and Marilyn Heifner, who is an officer of the Heritage Trail Group, A&P Commission and maybe the Town Center? She testified that her home in another part of town is near an existing doggie-boarding area that smells bad and is noisy.
The aginners were mostly motel operators who feared night-time barking and odor, but the planning department's conditions of approval pretty much eliminated that. The hours of having dogs outdoors where barking might be significant would have been only 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. There were no actual immediate neighbors protesting, so the whole situation seemed to be driven by an agenda that no one mentioned.
Doggie condos could be built without grading the whole 2 acres or replacing all the vegetation. The only plan I saw was little more than a sketch.
It would be nice to have a lot more details before may any more comment than that.
It probably should be owned by someone who would appreciate its quality, live in it and take care of it and try to ignore the ugly hotels to the east, the interstate traffic and the new hillside subdivision across the road to the southwest.

REVKLM said...

this home "tharp house" cemetary up the road under same name was built prior to civil war and hospital during period -- abstact of house contain excellent details -- has split cedar floor joists...

janet said...

This home seems to be very old but very beautiful house. And we can enjoy the nature beauty here its very calm place no disturbance from anyone.


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