Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today's featured highway-erosion site in Northwest Arkansas: It is evidence of why the site of the dog daycare facility would be a reasonable project on the 2-acre site at 2650 W. Old Farmington Road

Stormwater-damage at Shiloh Drive and Krupa Drive on west side of I-540. This is where water from several relatively new developments gathers to go under the access road and eventually comes out on the east side of the Interstate and flows southeast as one of the heavy-load tributaries of the west arm of the Town Branch of the West Fork of the White River and joins Cato Springs Branch at Greathouse Park and then joins the main Town Branch flow from the UA campus and Hill Place student apartments near the Salvation Army store just west of U.S 71 B (S School Avenue).
South Shiloh Drive at Krupa Drive an example of what several major rain storms can do and why rain must be encouraged to soak in where it falls DSCN8178

Below is a map pinpointing the site of the proposed dog-boarding facility at 2650 W. Old Farmington Road. The dog park would like require relatively little disturbance of soil and would protect more pervious areas where water would continue to soak in rather than join the water rushing from hotels, retail developments and housing developments on that southeast slope toward the dangerous erosion spot shown in the photo above.

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