Friday, November 20, 2009

Beaver Lake group forms partnership to protect water supply by protecting lake's watershed

But some people aren't certain there is a need.
“Why are we doing this? What drives this?” asked George Graen, who said he believes there is nothing wrong with the watershed as it is.
Graen, who lives on the lake, said he’s concerned with the prospect of having another layer of regulation when water quality is improving. He said he thinks the watershed is in good shape, but that doesn’t mean such a partnership couldn’t be useful.

That is from the Northwest Arkansas edition of the Arkansas Democrat/Gazette.

I was glad the reporter, Adam Wallworth, included that snippet, which must represent the opinion of thousands.
It reminds me why I persevere, even perseverate, in my effort to show examples of how badly our watershed is being treated.
It is wonderful that thousands of others understand. The only way to have any hope that the majority will ever come to realize the importance of protecting the Beaver Lake watershed is to keep publicizing the problems and solutions and BELIEVE that each attempt will make an impression on someone who may be motivated to support and help guide that new partnership.

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