Thursday, August 20, 2009

Karst map of NW Arkansas significant tool for identifying green infrastructure deserving of protection


Anonymous said...

Your neighborhood has some significant parts listed as recharge areas. But the old Cummings property, currently known as the South Pass development site, has even more!
Do the developers' concept plans appear to have taken karst into account in the way they expect to be able to build? Did mayor Coody study the karst map before pushing through the South Pass project?

Anonymous said...

The Aspen Ridge group ignored the possible karst when they dredged and filled the whole place.
Aub may not have used the karst but he emphasized the "recharge" properties of that land but mostly talked about the wetland surface of so much of it and the springs and seep springs. He wore out that subject without getting much response from Coody or from the council at that time. And the news media never mentioned that there was wetland on the site.

Pops said...

Yep, bizness as usual (the way we've always dun it) sez much cheaper to ignore this stuff (wait 'til THEY make us do it).
But in the long run, this is killing us.

Anonymous said...

The area around Hamestring Creek where the proposed limestone quarry expansions are located is in an area of extremely high to high sensitivity. Several hundred acres of quarrying 170-200ft deep
will have a devestating impact on this fragile geology and the ecology it supports.
The Quorum Court will vote on the quarry expansion permit for Rogers Group Quarry on Tues. Sept 1at 7pm, Wash Co Courthouse. Please attend this hearing and try to stop this permit. Contact the J.P.s and ask them to vote no. This area is part of an existing green corridor that has been identified as conservation worthy. The springs around the quarries and Hamestring Creek are at risk. Help stop the insanity.