Friday, August 28, 2009

Betty Boudrey walks the almost complete Pinnacle Foods Inc. wet prairie trail with her dog as a viceroy butterfly rests on a trailside bush

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DSCN7750 B Boudrey viceroy butterfly
DSCN7751Boudrey & man working
DSCN7749betty boudrey viceroy bfly
A Viceroy Butterfly rests on a bush along the Pinnacle Prairie trail on August 28, 2009, white a resident of the Town Branch Neighborhood walks her dog on the as yet incomplete trail.
Viceroys are similar in appearance to monarchs, but their caterpillars depend on willow trees and a few other species for sustenance, explaining why on this day more were around than the popular monarchs also frequently seen on Pinnacle Prairie. Monarch caterpillars must have milkweed, which also is plentiful on the Pinnacle Prairie wetland and on adjacent World Peace Wetland Prairie.

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