Friday, August 21, 2009

Hill Place student-apartment residents have been quieter tonight than earlier in the week but driving hasn't improved

Please click on image to ENLARGE view of the full-size, clearly readable left-turn-only sign on Royal Oak Dead (just north of the site where the giant oak for which the street is named stood until the Aspen Ridge contractors killed it).
I watched three student cars use that exit and each turned left. Someone told me that no freshmen or sophomores are allowed to live off campus. So I was surprised to see non-readers driving out of there tonight. Cars passing on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard were honking at the violators, but that seemed to be no deterrent. I don't have time to watch that intersection and don't want to see an accident, so I went home quickly.
There is no excuse for residents off Hill Place student apartments not to go less than a block to Hill Avenue and go up to the traffic light. The lanes for people turning left, right or going straight there are wide and the light offers some protection. Of course, even after the city required the contractors to widen the street by about 2 feet on the west side, that lane for people heading south on Hill Avenue remains the narrowest of the three. That makes it hard to turn in there without using a part of the northbound turn lane, so people traveling east on MLK but planning to turng south have quickly caught on to the east of turning into Hill Place right after traveling under the railroad to avoid the narrow turn lane onto Hill.


Anonymous said...

What did you expect?

Anonymous said...

we told the city council that this would happen. After five or six bad wrecks, they will block it off like it should be. too bad for the lives that will be changed for the worse!!!