Friday, March 20, 2009

One of the most important Amendments of the Arkansas Constitution threatened by politicians

This isn't a good idea. Political control of wildlife and fishery management in Arkansas was a disaster when the amendment was passed and it would be again if the amendment were repealed.

Panel Recommends Ending Game & Fish Autonomy

By John Lyon
LITTLE ROCK -- A Senate panel on Thursday endorsed six proposed constitutional amendments, including measures putting the Game & Fish Commission under the control of the Legislature and bring back biennial legislative sessions.

Among the proposals recommended by the Senate Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs was Senate Joint Resolution 11 by Sen. Terry Smith, D-Hot Springs. If referred to the ballot and approved by voters, the amendment would give the Legislature control over the Game & Fish Commission, which is an autonomous agency under Amendment 35.

"I just think it's time that this agency be put back under the executive and the legislative portion of government," Smith told the committee. "I think they're not in tune with Arkansans."
For more of the legislative report from The MorninG News

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amendment 35.

Constitution Of The State Of Arkansas Of 1874.
Amend. 35. Wild Life - Conservation - Arkansas State Game and Fish Commission.

§ 1. Commission created - Members - Powers.

§ 2. Qualifications and appointment of members - Terms of office of first commission.

§ 3. Term of office of members.

§ 4. Oath of office - Members serve without compensation - Expenses - Payment.

§ 5. Removal of members - Hearing - Review and appeal.

§ 6. Vacancies - Filling - Chairman of commission.

§ 7. Executive secretary and other personnel - Selection - Salaries and expenditures.

§ 8. Nepotism prohibited - Powers of arrest - Funds - Use - Purposes - Game Protection Fund - Audit of accounts - Resident hunting and fishing licenses - Powers of commission.

Publisher's Notes. This amendment was proposed by initiative petition and approved at the general election on Nov. 7, 1944, by a vote of 115,214 for and 72,797 against. See Acts 1945, p. 770.

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