Sunday, March 1, 2009

Berta Seitz and Gladys Tiffany ask everyone to support legislative sponsors in pushing passage of Equal Rights Amendment in Arkansas

Please write and thank the co-sponsors in the Senate and House. Since church time this morning the emails are flying in opposition. We need all of our folks to know of the need to write. So leaders be sure that all of your members know to write. I am typing all of the names and emails to make it easy. Put in Subject line: Thanks for co-sponsoring the Equal Rights Amendment resolution. Then in short nice note express why you support and thanks! This needs to go out today!!!!!!!!!
Many, many thanks!
Berta Seitz
Senate co-sponsors: Bookout,; Broadway,; Bryles,; Capps,; Crumbly,; Elliott,; Faris,; J.Jeffress,; b.Johnson,; D. Johnson,; Laverty,; Luker,; Madison,; Malone,; Salmon,; Steele,; Thompson,; Wilkinson,
Please thank these senators for committing to vote for the ERA: G.Jeffress-; Smith-; Wilkins-
All write Bobby Glover who is sitting on the fence:
House co-sponsors: L.Smith -; Allen -; Baker -; Blount -; Carroll -; Cash -; Cheatham -; Cole - no email; Cook -; Davenport - no email; Davis -; Edwards -; Everett - no email; Flowers -; Gaskill -; Harrelson -; House -; Ingram -; Kidd -; Lewellen -; Lindsey -, McCrary -; McLean -; Moore -; Nickels -; Nix -; Pennartz -; Perry -; Pierce -; Powers-; Rainey -; Reep -; Roebuck -; J.R.Rogers -; T.Rogers -; Saunders -; Shelby -; Tyler -; Wagner -; Webb -; Williams -; Wills -;
These representatives are supporting and need a thank you for commiting to support:
Abernathy -; M. Burris -; Breedlove -; George -; Word -
Write Cowling and Wilkins and ask for their support as they are on the committee and we must have their votes:
Gladys Tiffany
Omni Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology
Fayetteville, Arkansas USA
479-973-9049 --

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