Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Build it and they will come. Taxis need a fold-down sign on top to get them into and out of Fayetteville without a hassle

Some entrepreneur needs to design and manufacture a cab-top sign that will neatly and easily fold down when entering a city with an extreme sign ordinance, which Fayetteville has.

How closely did you watch tonight's City Council meeting? A simple test.
During the discussion of the sign ordinance variance for taxis, Shirley Lucas pronounced aesthetics correctly. One council member pronounced the word as aestetics. Who was it?
One free lunch at the Senior Center for the first person who answers this question with a signed post on this blog. My treat. You can sit and talk with me during the lunch or not!


Anonymous said...

Lioneld Jordan?

He talks like a folksy cast member from the Andy Griffith show.

Oh, wait. No, he's our mayor now.

Anonymous said...

How does this matter? The much-revered President Kennedy pronounced idea as IDEAR. It was part of the yankee dialect. I will watch the rerun of the meeting on government channel in the morning and try to catch the careless speaker. I would enjoy visiting with you at lunch at the senior center. In another couple of decades, I may have to eat there regularly!

Anonymous said...

I heard it and know who it is. I can't get away for lunch at the senior center anyway; so I'll buy your lunch sometime somewhere else if you want to visit. But I'll wait till morning and see who wins the free lunch. I really hope some people were paying attention.

Anonymous said...

I was in the meeting and didn't notice the difference. So I look forward to learning the answer! Why didn't you show up and comment, Aub? That is a council tradition by now!

Anonymous said...

Everybody is off the original topic because everyone wants a free lunch.
But you started your post about a fold-down sign for taxi cabs. If there is any chance of somebody coming up with a green industry in our city, this is a good place for him to start!

Anonymous said...

If we wanted big signs, we'd all move to New York City. If we wanted tall buildings and crowded conditions, we'd move to New York City. Some of us came here for what WAS here. We left New York City for many reasons.

David Franks said...

The observation that taxi-top signs are a potential distraction to drivers is a good one. This would be particularly true of animated ads. Further, they make it harder to see around a vehicle, making a sedan approximately as obstructive as a minivan.

How about providing advertising for the captive audience inside the taxi: the passenger? Directed at the taxi-using demographic, it could be very effective, and useful.

Pronouncing "idea" as "idear" is the result of an accent. Saying "estetics" for "aesthetics" is a mispronunciation.

On a related subject, "nucular" would be a proper word if atoms had nucules instead of nuclei.

Anonymous said...

OK, this has been up over night and all day and no one has answered. I tried to watch the council meeting replay but had to leave the room a few times and must have missed it.
So tell us!