Thursday, March 5, 2009

Monthly watershed news keeps conservation proponents informed

March 2009 watershed news

Watershed News is a publication of EPA's Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds. It is designed to provide timely information to groups working at the watershed level.

In this month's newsletter
1) Bronx River Watershed Initiative
2) Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program
3) Region 9 Wetlands Program Development Grants
4) Shell Marine Habitat Program
5) Upper Mississippi River Watershed Fund
6) Smart Growth Implementation Assistance 2009 Request for Applications
7) Economic Recovery Funding for Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
8) Green Jobs Training Opportunities Catalog
9) Call for Entries - National Award for Smart Growth Achievement
10) Vote in the River Network-MillerCoors Watershed Protection Grant Contest
11) USDA Establishes The People's Garden and Announces goal of creating community gardens at each USDA facility worldwide
12) 17th annual Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital
13) Call for Abstracts - Watershed Science and Technical Conference
14) Green Infrastructure Webcast on March 3
15) MSGP (Multi-Sector General Permit) Monitoring Webcast scheduled for March 19
16) Green Infrastructure Webcast on March 24
17) Pond/Wetland Management Guidebook
18) Christina River, Pennsylvania and Delaware
19) 5th National Conference for Nonpoint Source and Stormwater Outreach: "Achieving Results with Tight Budgets"
20) World Environmental & Water Resources Congress
21) Nonpoint Source Pollution Conference
22) River Network's National River Rally
23) StormCon '09

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