Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My new favorite fast-food takeout shop in Springdale

Thanks to the Beaver Lake Watershed meeting at the Jones Center, I was at the right place at 5:30 p.m. to find another wonderful source of fresh and unique burritos and such. Had it been on a busy street in Fayetteville, it likely would have not been noticeable. There is no way they could have decorated the place THEIR way unless they were a national chain coming to Fayetteville. Such small businesses coming to Northwest Arkansas expect to rent or buy an existing building and change nothing but the signs and maybe add a few special decorations. A lot less intrusive than rebuilding to some corporate design scheme and getting past the sign ordinance because "corporate has to have it this way or we can't come here." And a burrito weighing a pound of more from one of these places is a lot more nourishing and has fewer waste calories of fat and sugar and salt than any chain's same food at the same price. As good as the national-chain fast-food place on the northwest corner of the Town Branch neighborhood is, I confess to getting a burrito from the Salvadoran semi-chain fast-food place at the southeast corner of the neighborhood twice as often. Now, if the Salvadoran place can just put in free wi-fi I might go there for breakfast or coffee some mornings instead of going to Ricks. Ricks of course is a mainstay of the central edge of neighborhood, the anchor on South School, sort of like Brenda's Bigger Burger, the mainstay of the northern edge of the neighborhood, the anchor at MLK and S. HIll Avenue.
By the way, my burrito pollo was excellent with a pepper I had to pass along because I can't eat such hot things and onions cooked to rare perfection on the side. Please click on image to ENLARGE.

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